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Heyyy, my name is Hollie Renea. Wife and mom of two boys! I am silly, not very professional at times but I have the best job ever hehe!

I am the founder of Home for the Healer and it is a creation that was birthed at one of the hardest points inside of my personal business as a psychic, spiritual teacher and healer. 

The mission is to create a safe space for healers all over the world. I know how hard and confusing it can be to navigate this journey and also balance daily life. 

When this type of mission chooses you, it asks you to not only show up to serve and also it asks you to walk your own bath of death and rebirth. 

I understand how difficult this can be so i vow everyday to be a support for the healers in this world. To learn to navigate with ease as you are in beautiful service to the collective.

I can't wait to connect with you more :)


Hollie Renea

Home for the Healer

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