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Embodying the Role of the Go-To Channel for your Collective

An expansive journey to lead ethically and exalt your mission to channel the Spiritual realm to bridge the gap for humanity.

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This is for you if: 

¬†‚ústYou yearn for a deeper connection to your own channeling abilities for personal growth.

‚ústYou're already channeling or aspire to channel for the collective or to monetize your gifts.
‚ústYou possess innate gifts and seek to refine and enhance them further.
‚ústYou recognize your channeling abilities but crave a deeper exploration of the realms you channel from and why

‚úď You seek visibility within a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

‚úď You're prepared to shed the cloak of invisibility and confidently step into your power to lead the collective.

‚úst¬†You're seeking guidance and mentorship to navigate your spiritual journey with clarity and confidence


Whats Included?

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  1. Monthly Masterclass: Learn leadership skills, channeling techniques, and how to expand your spiritual gifts.
  2. Interactive Masterclass Call: Engage in activities and mastermind sessions focused on being a channel for spirit.
  3. Practice Calls: Participate in monthly calls with other students to practice your gifts and receive real-time coaching.
  4. Weekly Channeling Call: Receive channeled guidance for the upcoming week to support your spiritual journey.
  5. Masterclass Vault: Access a library of past masterclasses for ongoing learning and development.
  6. Guided Meditations and Activations: Enjoy a collection of guided meditations and activations to deepen your spiritual practice.

Business Mastery Hub 

 Dive into an expansive platform filled with diverse trainings and invaluable resources tailored

to elevate your impact, expand your client base, and cultivate a thriving healing practice.

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Why learn from us?

My name is Hollie Renea, Founder of Home for the Healer, has built a six figure business serving hundreds of students all over the globe. Crafting 15+ online courses/certifications and delivering thousands of readings to the collective. After doing so many readings I thought, why not teach people how to do this too? I created Channeling Mastery, my self paced online course and then this membership! You won't ever feel nervous to navigate your gifts again!

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Top features

  • All trainings inside The Channel
  • Community Access
  • Masterclass Vault¬†¬†
  • Weekly Channeled Message with Hollie Renea
  • Yin Yoga Class two times per month¬†



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  • All¬†trainings¬†inside¬†The Channel
  • Community Access
  • Masterclass¬†Vault¬†¬†
  • Weekly¬†Channeled Message¬†with¬†Hollie Renea
  • Yin Yoga classes 2x per month
  • Bundle and¬†get one month free



Channeling Mastery


Then $55/mo

  • Access to Channeling Mastery Online course - Learn more Here
  • All¬†trainings¬†inside¬†The Channel
  • Community Access
  • Masterclass¬†Vault¬†¬†
  • Weekly¬†Channeled Message¬†with¬†Hollie Renea
  • Yin Yoga¬†Class¬†two¬†times per¬†month¬†